Special projects

Special projects

Structured programmes to provide students with the necessary means to encode the language of photography and contemporary art.

Soft skills and career guidance pathways (PCTO) are projects for high schools whose goal is to provide pupils with useful tools to decode photographic language and the contemporary image, provide visual learning, and foster understanding of the historical evolution of the image. Today, taking a photograph is very easy, banal even. Hence, they tend to be undervalued: the aim of the pathway is to reflect on the importance of photographic language which, if correctly decoded, makes us aware of its multiple cultural meanings.


In collaboration with the Venturi art school in Modena 

The aim of the project is to provide students with useful tools for an education in visual and photographic language and foster understanding of the evolution of images in history. The first part of the project revolves around the history of the photographic image, told by looking at original materials which are then related to the young people’s personal experience: old photographs from family albums are analysed using chronological criteria and catalogued according to a simplified model of the catalogue entries normally used for photography. A visit to a photo exhibition prompts reflection on the intimate, emotional value of archive images which can be evidence of lives lived and at the same time an important tool for reflection on identity, starting from the past. So the young people use family photographs to build new images that speak of their present, which they then print using the cyanotype technique. The project, begun in 2018, is organized by Annalisa Bondioli, Claudia Fini and Maria Menziani. 

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