Visita guidata alla mostra Eva & Franco Mattes. Most to Least Viewed

Visita guidata alla mostra Eva & Franco Mattes. Most to Least Viewed

Ogni sabato alle ore 18 il Dipartimento Educativo FMAV propone una visita guidata gratuita alla mostra Eva & Franco Mattes. Most to Least Viewed


25.02.23 / 18:00
18.02.23 / 18:00
11.02.23 / 18:00
04.02.23 / 18:00
Curated by Dipartimento educativo


FMAV - Palazzo Santa Margherita:
Corso Canalgrande, 103, 41121 Modena

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Scopri la grande la prima personale italiana dei pionieri della Net Art, a cura di Nadim Samman insieme ai curatori e al Dipartimento educativo FMAV. 


Eva & Franco Mattes 
Personal Photographs January 29 2005, 2022 
Powder coated customized cable tray, ethernet cables, 14 digital images, Raspberry Pi single-board computers, metal cases, micro SD cards, USB flash drives, ethernet adapters, custom software 
194 x 54 x 80 cm 
Photo by Louis De Belle 


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