FMAV - Palazzina dei Giardini

FMAV - Palazzina dei Giardini

Wanted in the seventeenth century by Francesco I d’Este as a “casino” and place of leisure for the Este court in the gardens of the Palazzo Ducale, the design of the Palazzina is attributed to the architect Gaspare Vigarani.

A century later, the Duke donated the building and the gardens to the city; over the years it fell into disuse, ending up in the last century as a greenhouse and tool shed. Towards the end of the 1970s, the Palazzina was included in the municipal council’s plan to restore the historical centre and brought back to its original scenographic function. Recently new restoration and conservation work has further underlined the extraordinary quality of the Palazzina with its great windows, spacious walls and high open spaces, making it the perfect place for international exhibitions.

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Corso Cavour, 2, 41121 Modena

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