Our school projects come about with the aim of bringing children up close to the images and original works presented in the exhibitions and collections.
FMAV promotes the most up-to-date and extended concept of image education, which extends from illustration to graphics, photography to video and digital creations.


The teaching programme for the 2022-2023 academic year is an invitation to go back into museums and contemporary art venues and be swept away by artists’ original works and the stimulating images in the collections. Workshops and guided tours let you immerse yourself into the visions of contemporary artists, stimulate your imagination, observation skills and storytelling abilities, and try out new artistic techniques.   

For easier class participation, also considering the pandemic that is still underway, the “La Fondazione va a scuola” project for schools in the municipality of Modena will continue for the 2022-2023 school year, with three teaching programmes designed to take place in the classroom, with an educator, and the aid of ad hoc multimedia materials.   

Contact the Education Department to book a course or a guided tour of the exhibitions, or to receive more information on the scheduled activities.  Schools in the municipality of Modena can also book courses on the MEMO online portal for school itineraries in the city at the address For all schools, participation in visits, workshops and activities is free of charge.  

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