Past exhibitions

IMG GUIDA Picture expo Museo dela figurina
19.05.23 - 20.08.23

Yannick Jacquet. Finger plays: dal teatro delle ombre ai social network

Exhibition venue

Museo della Figurina

A new, thought-provoking installation by videographer Yannick Jacquet at the Museo dellaFigurina, continuing from the Mécaniques Discursivesproject 

06 1049 IP Ink series Untitled 245x21 ink and coffee on paper 2021 2
23.03.23 - 04.06.23

Yuval Avital. About birds

An exhibition at Palazzo Santa Margherita, a work of visual and sound art that will take place at the Pavarotti-Freni municipal theatre, a project begun in 2020 during the first lockdown.

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